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Zombie Dragon-Game of Thrones the Game Changer

Zombie Dragon-Game of Thrones the Game Changer
  • August 25, 2017


This Sunday is Game of Thrones season seven finale and I am jacked, son! Game of Thrones has brought a lot of old television back to form while changing it for the better. It brought back watching television as an event. Over time T.V. Became something you did, like eat or get divorced. Now huge parties are thrown for friends and family to get together and witness ice zombies grow the army of the dead while Queen Cersei has a sibling only, nude nipple wrestling match. GOT changed television when it started killing beloved characters in it’s first season and has up’d the ante every season after it. Epic ocean battles, taking peoples faces, gladiator fighting pits and destroying capitol buildings with green fire and wiping out more than half the cast in one opening sequence. Last Sunday’s episode introduced us to a zombie dragon… What’s that? You didn’t hear me? You think you read that wrong? No my friend, Game of Thrones has a fucking zombie dragon, playboy!

“Oh, well I’m binge watching How I Met Your Mother, I’ll get to Game of Thrones later.”

Does How I Met Your Mother have a zombie dragon? No? Does the title of that sitcom tell you how it will end? Yes? Then stop being a dick and watch Game of Thrones already!

“My friends told me Shameless is a good show.”

Does William H. Macy get hammered and ride a zombie dragon home? No? Knock it off and just get on the GOT bandwagon you fool!

Sorry for any new show coming out, but if you don’t have a zombie dragon, then your show isn’t worth watching, right now.

“But our show has several dragons, it’s called ‘Just Dragons’ it stars Bryan Cranston and Emily Blunt and they have hot dragon sex.”

Are any of them a zombie dragon? No? Then fuck “Just Dragons!”

Is this article dragging on? Zombie dragging on!

Game of Thrones season finale this Sunday.



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