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Yaaaaay Game Of Thrones... WHO GIVES A FAHK!

Yaaaaay Game Of Thrones… WHO GIVES A FAHK!
Big Irish Jay

I’ve never followed the whole Game of Thrones hype. Not cause I’m trying to be a cunt and the “anti everything popular” guy, I just have never got into it. I remember trying to get into the Walking Dead. Everyone saying it’s the best blah, blah, blah, I watched the first 2 seasons, then just became a fahking snooze fest for me. BOOOOOOORING.

I’ve heard from the millions of people how great GOTs is, zombies, dragons, incest, murder, rape etc… sounds like a really fun time. I’ve heard about the viewing parties, reaction videos, heard ALLLLL about it.

I’ve only ever seen two things of Game of Thrones. The “Red Wedding” I think it was called? Everyone was losing their shit about some wedding or something where everyone got murdered, so I watched reaction videos first, people crying, gasping, acting like they’re family was murdered before their eyes, and then I watched the actual scene. Pretty intense. I didn’t see the whole episode, just the “red wedding” part.

The only other time I watched GOT was when I watched one full episode with my old roommate Lukas who’s a big GOT fan. I sat through it, watched it, I don’t know what season, what episode, I didn’t know what was going on and took from that one episode… not much.

I STILL hear from EVERYONE “you gotta watch GOT, you gotta watch GOT” from my buddies Mike, Kane and honestly from EVERYONE. When I tell people I don’t watch GOT it’s like I spit in their face.

After hearing Kane tell me he sat down and watched all of the episodes, got caught up, and he’s all in now, I’ve decided to say fahk it. I’m gonna watch this GOD DAMN show! I’m going to get alllllll caught up before next season, the last season and I’ll give my honest opinion on this dumb show.

So I’ll have updates on where I’m at on my podcast, the HollingsWorthless podcast and we’re gonna have some other things related to me watching GOTs coming up. Stay tuned here on Podaholics as I figure out just what the fahk all the hype is about or shit on each and every one of you GOD DAMN NERDS!

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