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They're making a Joker origin movie and Martin Scorsese is involved!

Big Irish Jay

Yep. It’s happening…

I’m really torn on this. First, Heath Ledger IS the Joker. Nobody before or since has come close. I remember when Heath was announced to play the Joker and EVERYONE, myself included was confused. The guy from the Knight movie where they use rock music? That dude? WHY? It made no sense in my mind.

Then I remember when The Dark Knight came out in theaters. Leading up to the movie, Heath Ledger had died about 6 months before the movie was released and ALL the talk was about Heath’s performance was Oscar worthy. I remember thinking “OK… relax, I get it, he’s dead, you wanna be nice etc… but I’m sure his performance isn’t Oscar worthy.”

Then, I saw the movie. I remember that first scene of Heath as the Joker. Shot from behind, holding the clown mask in his right hand… Then, in the bank, finally taking off the mask to reveal the Joker! That WAS the Joker… and for the next 2 hours and change, i was just stunned. This wasn’t The Dark Knight. This was the Joker movie. His performance was so creepy, on the edge of insanity, that laugh, that voice, his walk. EVERYTHING. IT. WAS. PERFECT.

I got it. He deserved an Oscar. I’ve said to many people after that movie, they could’ve done a Hannibal Lecter type film with Heath’s Joker. It would’ve been amazing.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know. So we’ve had Jared Leto, who I didn’t “hate” as the Joker, it just wasn’t Heath’s Joker. I appreciate Leto decided to go a different way and I give him respect for that, it just wasn’t Heath’s Joker.

So NOW, we’re finally getting this “origin” of the Joker and Scorsese is involved. From what I’ve read, it’s gonna be set in the 80’s and gonna have the Scorsese mob feel to it, although he’s not directing it. It’s being directed by the Hangover’s Todd Phillips. I don’t know what to think about that.

There’s also the fact that part of the mystery of the Joker is, you DON’T know where he comes from. In The Dark Knight, Heath’s Joker gave multiple explanations where he got his scars. It just added to his insanity and mystery. The only possible “origin” I’ve ever read regarding the Joker was The Killing Joke. If you’ve never read it, I can’t recommend it enough. I won’t say much, other than the premise is it’s all about “One Bad Day…” We’re ALL just ONE BAD DAY away from losing it and becoming the Joker.

I know I’ll see this Joker movie whenever it comes out, cause I love the Joker character and Scorsese and I’m watch just about any movie, so I will see it. I just hope they don’t fahk it up.


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