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Party in the Upside Down!

Party in the Upside Down!
Positive Mike

When people told me to watch Stranger Things on Netflix, initially I blew them off. There is so much good TV these days it’s hard to prioritize what deserves your attention. Eventually though, the non-stop recommendations and Facebook posts got to me. Of course I fell in love with the show. All thanks to those meddling kids and that interdimensional demon thing.

My favorite part of the show was the alternate dimension, The Upside Down. Now, thanks to the people at the Emporium Bar in Chicago, you can party there! They’ve completely recreated the Upside Down and other areas of Hawkins, Indiana as a place to rent out for parties! I really hope these types of bars catch on. If I could rent out and party in a re-creation of the Hogwarts, the Bat Cave, or Winterfell I’d lose my mind!

For now though you’ll just have to get smashed in the Upside Down and try to hook up with Barb.

I’ll never stop loving you Barb.

For more info on the Emporium in Chicago click here.


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