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Nothing is Everything

  • August 18, 2017

Once Hulu put Seinfeld on their binge roster, I’ve had it on loop like it’s my favorite album. I don’t have to tell you guys that Seinfeld is a ground breaking and fantastic show, but it’s amazing how timeless it is. I mean, it is definitely a show of its time. A lot of the story lines could have been wrapped up if they had cell phones and Uber. However, Seinfeld came around during a time when their was a lot of the same shows on television telling the same stories. Seinfeld bucked tradition and became so popular it paved the way for shows like Always Sunny in Philadelphia, You’re The Worst and even Breaking Bad. Characters that seem lovable but challenge their likability by their selfishness. Now we are in the time of YouTube fame, with channel after channel of college kids kicking each other in the dick and nerds reviewing movies. YouTube became a breeding ground for copycats and who cares horse shit like “how to tie a tie.” (Which I watch when I need it, thanks fellas) Then comes Nerdwriter1 a different YouTube channel. A student of art and artist a like, Nerdwriter1 breaks down philosophical ideologies and influences of the artists he enjoys or finds intriguing. His most interesting videos are were he breaks down how Trump answers questions, Kendrick Lamar’s music video images and the historical photograph influences. This video answers the question “is Seinfeld really a show about nothing?”

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