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Just 2 More Weeks... Just 2 More Weeks... Just 2 More Weeks... FOOTBALL!

Just 2 More Weeks… Just 2 More Weeks… Just 2 More Weeks… FOOTBALL!
Big Irish Jay

We’re just 2 weeks out from the start of this years NFL season and it’s like Christmas!

Fantasy football, shit talking and the newest Madden. All three go hand in hand with the new year.

I picked up the newest Madden 18 last night (Amazon FAHKED me on my preorder) and spent about 5 hours getting into MUT (Madden Ultimate Team).

This year Madden is using the “Frostbite engine.” For non nerds, the Frostbite Engine is a game engine designed by EA used across multiple games, multiple platforms, used in games like Battlefield & Mass Effect.

This is Madden’s first year with the FB Engine and it’s good. To my eye, there’s differences in player models to start. They seem more accurate than before. Previous versions of Madden, players always seemed to have a “squatted” look to them and also a sort of claymation look. This year players seem more appropriate to their builds ands and appear more lifelike.

The game play feels slightly improved also. On the line, swim moves with your DT’s seem to be easier to do and when running I’m noticing the stiff arm working a lot better than last years.

Both aren’t some HUGE bump, to where you’re going to feel like it’s a totally different game, but both graphically and control wise, it is noticeable to me.

Is it worth getting if you have Madden 17? YES, only cause that’s what you do. Every year EA puts out a new Madden and as soon as they do, your last year’s copy of Madden becomes a coaster. Nobody’s gonna hit you up on PS Network and say “hey let’s play 2015 Madden, it’s just like this years anyways. FAHK THAT. Just get the new Madden.

Even if this years version was just last years with a new cover athlete (GOAT Brady), you still gotta get it… It’s what we do. Football, Shit talking, Madden! #FSM

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