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Fight Predictions, Mayweather vs. McGregor

Fight Predictions, Mayweather vs. McGregor
Big Irish Jay

Alright, full disclosure. I’m a HUGE Mystic Mac fan. Love McGregor. Love that he’s Irish. Love his confidence. Love his shit talking. Love his style. Love that he takes on challenges. So KNOW, going into this article, I love Conor.

First and foremost, I think Mayweather’s going to win. The guys one of, if not the best defensive boxer of ALL TIME. Guys ridiculous in the ring. I don’t see Conor coming over to a sport Floyd’s dominated for years and be the “matrix” that Mayweather can’t figure out.

That said, here’s my takes and predictions of the fight.

Take 1: THE OBVIOUS (65% Chance)
Mayweather’s speed, timing, distance are at a level that McGregor hasn’t seen and dominates for 4 rounds and knocks out McGregor in the 5th.

Take 2: THE SLOW AND STEADY (34% Chance)
Pace of fight is whatever Mayweather dictates and if he decides he wants to just go cruise control, he continuously tags Macman for 12 rounds, points the shit out of Conor and wins by decision in a lopsided fight.

Take 3: THE MIRACLE (1% Chance)
Conor in the 3rd round, catches Floyd with a shovel uppercut or some other punch thrown from some weird angle, and clips Floyd, Floyd tries to hold and Conor’s able to get out of the clinch quickly and puts him away.

So, what’s my final prediction for the fight?

FAHK IT! CONOR IN 3! I’m a homer and I love that man, he’s brought respect back to Irish fighters and he’s doing things in MMA and now Boxing that have never been done before.





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