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Fight Night Recap - Mayweather vs. McGregor - Black vs. White

Fight Night Recap – Mayweather vs. McGregor – Black vs. White
Big Irish Jay

Well, Saturday the fight actually happened. After MONTHS and MONTHS of talking about a fight, they finally scheduled it. Then a few months of back and forth shit talking, press events, accusations of racism, it had everything! And then.. the fight… actually… happened!

If you read my fight prediction Friday, my 2nd prediction (I had 3) was pretty accurate. Floyd was patient, learned Conor’s style, let him gas a bit, then went to work. By the 8th round, Conor started looking tired (actually from about the 3rd round I was saying he was looking tired, mouth open, appearing to be breathing hard etc..) and Floyd started picking him apart. By the 10th round, Conor was gassed and Floyd was teeing off till they finally stopped the fight. TKO.

Floyd goes out as the winningest, undefeated boxer of all time, surpassing Rocky Marciano and Conor I think gained some ring respect from the many that doubted him. As my buddies and I watched the fight, it was like watching someone trying to defuse a bomb… You’re just WAITING for the explosion (a Mayweather knockout) and as haymakers were flying, there was a LOT of “OH SHIT’s” and “WHOA’s”.

Conor looked good first 3 rounds, he was fresh, was throwing from some weird angles and was not shying away from Floyd. He also at times reverted to hammer fisting, looked lost when behind Floyd, as if he wanted to suplex him, but had to stop himself. In Floyd’s defense, he was also biding his time, learning Conor, letting him punch himself out and it worked to perfection. I don’t think anyone with any knowledge of boxing thought Floyd was gonna lose, I didn’t get the fight because I thought Conor was gonna win, I bought the fight simply for the spectacle of it. I got my money’s worth. I had some buddies over, we watched, ate, had fun, talked shit, it was great.

I’d say the only drawback of the whole event is the people just regurgitating “racism” from other people without even looking into anything. Or people that don’t know boxing or terminologies crying racism cause they’ve never heard the term “A mexican fighter” or “Mexican style fighter”.

Leading up to this fight, I started seeing all these posts “Conor called Floyd a monkey, Conor called black people monkeys”. I hadn’t seen or heard this and was wondering what the fahk was going on with Conor. So I looked it up…

Conor was interviewed by Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Guillermo asked Conor “Who would win between you and Rocky 3”? to which Conor asked “Rocky 3… I’m trying to think which one was Rocky 3… that was the one where they had the celebrity gym… there’s a monkey… dancing monkeys in the gym and all”
You can see the interview below and OF COURSE it’s labeled that Conor’s racist.

So that’s the quote. He didn’t say “Floyd is a monkey”, he didn’t say “black people are monkey’s”. He’s talking about the celebrity gym.
Some have said “he was talking about training at Apollo’s gym which was all black”… if you read or listen to exactly what he says, he said the “celebrity gym” from Rocky 3.

So here’s the celebrity gym scene from Rocky 3:

As you can see, the celebrity gym is pretty much all white, and the only people dancing are 3 white ladies and some dude. So THIS is what McGregor was referring to.

McGregor even sat down and talked about the race accusations with Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting.

It’s so annoying when people throw out the “racism” card when it’s not. There’s PLENTY of other things to call out as racist, that truly are racist. But Floyd started putting out there that Conor called black people monkeys and people grabbed onto it and I guess in the grand scheme of things, it did what it was supposed to do, it sold fights. It made this a white vs. black thing. But don’t buy into the bullshit.

The latest “racist” thing from Conor, is at the end of the fight, Conor said of Floyd “I turned him into a Mexican tonight… he fought like a Mexican.”

Oh fuck, here we go again. For those that don’t know boxing, “fighting like a Mexican” or a “Mexican style fighter” is someone that moves forward, aggressive. This has been a term that’s been in boxing for a long, long time. Floyd has always been a counter puncher, defensive fighter, a wait and pick your shots fighter. So this was Conor saying Floyd changed his style up and was coming at Conor. It was actually a compliment.

I KNEW and of course saw people IMMEDIATELY outraged “WTF DOES HE TURNED HIM INTO A MEXICAN MEAN!” Jesus Christ, if you’re gonna dip your toe into something, a sport, a business, someones traditions, ANYTHING… do some research, or google it? If you don’t know, there’s about a millions sites online you kind find this info, but that would require 5 minutes of research. I actually explained what the term meant to a few people on Facebook cause I was just annoyed at the “outrage”. One feed, everyone thanked me, said “I had no idea, that makes sense, thanks” and another feed the response was “So why didn’t he just say that instead of Mexican fighter.” Oh sorry, we’ll go ahead and just adjust the vocabulary used in fighting to your request, person who watches one fight in 10 years. Jesus people are fahking dense.

Anyways I’m done with my rant. I just get annoyed on ALL sides when people just regurgitate shit and don’t look into it AT ALL. It takes literally minutes to either verify or disprove shit, but why do that, when it’s just easier to hit a retweet button or type “YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT!” or bury your head in the sand.

Congrats to Mayweather on his record, congrats to Conor on going 10 rounds with possibly the greatest fighter that ever lived and congrats to everyone who got their Black vs. White fight.


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