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Do You Want to Try Stand Up Comedy? There's a Video Game For It

  • August 29, 2017

Have you ever been playing online video games for upwards of fifteen hours, and in between load screens, you keep throwing out hilarious one liners? Do you find yourself in a verbal tête-à-tête with a fellow online video gamer and you know you’re the funniest of the two? Do you hate being outside or around people but want to live out the harsh realities of stand up comedy? Do you want to feel like a comedian but without the hassle of hard work and the creativity it takes to be one? Well my lonely, sad friend, there’s finally a video game for you. It’s called Comedy Night and it’s every bit as awful as it looks and sounds.

The two attached videos include the trailer for the game, and another showing people actually participating in this train wreck of an idea. It’s exactly like any online game–you create a character, you speak into a headset, and when it’s your turn, you play to your heart’s desire. You can perform solo with your jokes and the audience can heckle you and vote you to be booed off. Another feature is to perform your jokes against another comedian and the audience can pick a winner.

I would like them to add a feature called “actual comedian.” If you win, you get your own Netflix special and sitcom. Then when you’re at the height of popularity the public turns on you. The media remembers when you WERE funny and some even say you were and are a hack. If you lose, then the bank forecloses on your home and you are dragged out into the streets where people get to throw bars of soap at you.

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