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Do I Have to Like College Football?

Do I Have to Like College Football?
  • August 23, 2017

Summer is winding down and the kids are off to school which can only mean, well, several things. The streets are a little quieter, binders are an impulse item at Target and we are only a few days away from College Football. This Saturday marks week 1 of 15 college teams, filled with young men smashing into each other at a shot at early brain damage and a job at Home Depot after graduation. I am a sports lover, I have MLB TV, I’m saving for the NFL package and I am about to join a basketball league. But do I have to like college football? I feel like any other college sport isn’t shoved down my throat. I’m never at a bar, enjoying a refreshing Sprite with some drunk dude in my ear shouting, “YOU DON”T WATCH WOMEN”S SOFTBALL!?” It’s not like the NFL where you are encouraged to just pick a team and start rooting, you would have to have gone to that particular school and not a lot of community colleges have football teams. Once the Devry Devil’s get em a ringer I think I’ll start watching. I don’t have a strong enough Irish heritage to just be a Notre Dame fan and I’ve never rooted for the Huskies in my 25 years I lived in Seattle. I was born in Wyoming but the Cowboy’s stink every year, so I feel like a man with out a country. Do I have to? DO I!?

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