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BADD DOGG Brewing Co. (The Aschbrenner’s)

BADD DOGG Brewing Co. (The Aschbrenner’s)
Your First Time

On this episode Kane has on his parents. Kane visits his Mom and Step-Dad, aka The Aschbrenner’s, in the Wisconsin country side. They all crack beers, get down to the Aschbrenner’s firsts, Kane’s first and his Mom opens with a BANG! Kane’s Mom tells her Muhammid Ali story and discuss retiring from a long career at the post office. His folks answers questions put to Facebook from fellow comedians who know Kane very well, the answers are hilarious and surprising. Kane’s Mom has several bones to pick with her son and the record is set straight!

On Boozeflix they talk about their favorite IPA beers, their favorite places to drink at and creating their own brewery called BADD DOGG Brewing Company. They also discuss the meaning behind The Revenant and Birdman.


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