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Last Wish for a Dying Comedian

Podaholics Staff

I came into the news that Quincy Jones had mesothelioma a month or so back. I’d known him for several years, coming up the ranks of the Seattle comedy scene with him. I’d never known him well, but what I did know was that the dude was always solid, funny and a overall a good human being.

Quincy was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelioma in July 2015 and told that he had a year to live. His one wish, according his friend, producer Nicole Blaine, is to film a stand-up special before he dies. Blaine, along with her husband and producing partner, Mickey, set up a Kickstarter campaign on Sunday afternoon to help do just that.

“My biggest fear used to be, before cancer, it’s the same one I have now: dying without leaving anything, dying before I have the chance to do the shit I wanna do,” Jones explains in the project’s video. “This would be my opus, this would be my legacy, that I’m just leaving here.”

As of this moment, of the requested minimum of $4,985 to put together a production for Jones, they’ve raised $27,912!

In an update on Facebook, Nicole Blaine has said that any contributions beyond the goal will be spent on improving the special’s overall quality and on ensuring that Jones can continue to live as comfortably as possible in his time left with us.


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