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The King of Near-Death Experiences [Shane Mauss]

The King of Near-Death Experiences [Shane Mauss]

This week on Cook’d, Kelsey is joined by hilarious comedian, Shane Mauss! Shane’s new cd “My Big Break” is available on iTunes, and his special “Mating Season” is on Netflix–please check him out if you haven’t already! Shane has some of the craziest stories we’ve had on the podcast regarding near-death experiences, and he talks about the ups and downs of dating another comedian. This is a great one! Check out his website

Also, fellow Podaholic, comedian, and Kelsey’s boyfriend, Kane Holloway, was assaulted last Sunday during a baseball game. He was knocked unconscious and had his jaw broken in two places. He has since had his jaw wired shut for 4-6 weeks and is in a tremendous amount of pain. A “Go Fund Me” account has been started for Kane during this difficult time. Please take a second to share the link and donate if you are able to–we here at Podaholics appreciate it more than you know!

We know it’s one more Facebook page for you to like, but we’ll make it worth your while! New comedy content everyday!