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[VIDEO] Jon Stewart Ditches Jokes for Charleston, S.C.

JR Berard

In one of the most moving displays of compassion and frustration, Jon Stewart blatantly admits to not writing jokes for the opening of last nights edition of The Daily Show – but instead voices the absurdity of our culture, and the violence it promotes as a result.

As a journalist, I’m given the freedom here with Podaholics to write about really whatever I see fit, so long as it pertains to comedy in one form or another. I hate with every molecule of my being to give any kind of attention to people like Dylann Roof, and the horrible things people like him do against others. But what Jon Stewart says here, really does echo how we all feel as writer here at Podaholics. That there is a problem domestically, in terms of the violence we as a country perpetrate against one another, and we’re still pretty fucking far away from any kind of resolution for this kind of problem.

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