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Only about one more week until we launch the new site! [Updated 9.19.17]
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Pregnant Coffee [Kane Holloway]

Pregnant Coffee [Kane Holloway]

This week on Cook’d, Kelsey is joined by the most frequent guest to the show, the hilarious Kane Holloway! They talk about Kane’s recent acceptance into the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition, and what it takes to have an enjoyable comedy competition experience. In the “Who’s Getting Cook’d?” segment, they cook Amanda Bynes and Michael Phelps for each getting another DUI this week, and share a horrifying news story of a teenager who had to have a 9 lb. hairball removed from her stomach after her habit of EATING HAIR finally caught up to her (cue vomiting everywhere.) In the “Breakdown” segment, they talk about the foods that they’ve been craving the most as the reach the end of their 90 day cleanse. Lastly in the “Sexy Time” segment, they talk about the dilemma they face in moving to LA and potentially moving into a studio apartment together. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes!