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An All Female Ghostbusters, Reboot Announced

An All Female Ghostbusters, Reboot Announced
JR Berard

I can’t say I’m the first fanboy to be skeptical of Paul Fieg’s announcement over twitter the other day. Could an ALL Female cast work for the Ghostbusters?

In reality, it totally could. One has to look at Fieg’s recent success with films like Bridesmaids and last summer’s The Heat. Debatably two of the better comedies (of course, female-centric) to come out in the last ten years. Nobody (especially fanboys) likes headlines that read “Your Favorite Thing Ever, Is Changing.” It can’t be denied that women need more action in the comedic film game, and this could prove to set a new industry standard. Women are and can be really fucking funny.

About a week ago, I read an interview in which one of original minds behind Ghostbusters, Dan Akroyd said he’d like to see the Ghostbusters become something similar to the Marvel Universe, which one would have to assume would encompass many different characters and story lines that would all be loosely connected. Oh you want to expand the ‘Ghostbusters’ universe? Shut up and take my god damned money!

That’s some of the best movie news in recent history. I’d like to note that Akroyd did not mention the DC Universe, whose stellar results are still yet to be seen. Sony already owns a stake in the Marvel Universe with one mainstream character, maybe you’ve heard of him… Spiderman. Why not take one of their original storylines, turn into a cash cow of a ‘comic’ universe (see what I did there?) and let the money come flowing in. That’s why Sony got into this game, right? Money? No, they want to keep the audience satisfied by maintaining artistic integirty and promoting new and innovative story ideas. Shut up and take my money?

As a die-hard GB Fanboy, it breaks my heart to see a franchise as such be taken in a different dirrection than I’m used to. No one could argue that there was a cosmic alignment for the original to have turned out the way it did , and at a PG rating mind you.

Alas, the times have changed and people are knocking on Hollywood’s door asking for more female leads in everything. People thought Ben Affleck was garbage, then came The Town – one of the best modern heist films in recent history. Wow JR, good point. Maybe there are people who can successfully revive a film franchise as Affleck did his career. Affleck didn’t have Ivan Reitman, Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd in his corner to do it. Unless I’m super fucking wrong and he like… Did have them in his corner.

With names popping up like Melissa McCarthy (Obviously), Kristen Wiig, Emma Stone and Linda Cardinelli. I can’t help but think they’re missing a diamond in the rough, Elizabeth Banks. Who’s proven range in great films is far too often overlooked (The Next 3 Days, Slither, Our Idiot Brother, People Like Us). Banks is the one I’d lobby hard for, my only request is that they don’t cast all the usual suspects – McCarthy and Wiig who are total shoe-ins – and give some actors and actresses that would bring a unique flavor to a reboot of a classis franchise that will help shape possible future installments. I’m a firm believer Banks could and would do that here.

People are going to voice their obvious distaste for an female-driven cast. Ultimately the only way we’ll know the outcome is when we see it. People thought Disney/Marvel were insane for casting Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man/Tony Stark. “The news guy from that Natural Born murderers Movie? Are you outside of your own minds, Marvel?”

In summation, it won’t be awful – look at the originals who are supporting this new wave. Don’t make the obvious casting choices based on who’s bankable (Could have made a hacky ‘Banks’ joke, but I won’t… But I could…) and it will most likely earn more credibility to the production. Last but not least, please cast me as Louis Tully’s gentically-unavoidable nerdy son.

Even if we end up hating it, we’ll go see it – just to decisively figure out how many thumbs down we can give it, without looking like a lunatic. Seven is too many thumbs.