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The World’s Most Interesting Man [Jacob Corperon]

The World’s Most Interesting Man [Jacob Corperon]

Jacob1Quick question for you: who do you know that has almost died of the Swine Flu in Germany, been a competitive body builder, done freebase crack, has a Dragonball-Z tattoo covering his upper thigh, and has had a threesome? It’s this week’s guest on Cook’d, the incredible Jacob Corperon! Kelsey uncovers a ton of amazing stories from Jacob’s colorful life, and dives into the dumbest things he’s ever done. Kelsey even shares her story of when she accidentally overdosed on antibiotics! Jacob also shares his top three restaurants in Spokane, and tells us his most embarrassing sex story involving a threesome that went downhill. This week’s code word is “Farfehrnugen” which is German for “pleasure driving.” Go leave that word somewhere in your review of Cook’d on iTunes along with a 5 star rating, and Kelsey will send you a free t-shirt!

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