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The Waz and The Shaz [Adam Ray and Brad Williams]

The Waz and The Shaz [Adam Ray and Brad Williams]

This week on Cook’d, Kelsey is joined by the hosts of the celebrity-loaded “About Last Night” podcast, Adam Ray and Brad Williams! Both Adam and Brad headline the biggest comedy clubs in the country, AND, here’s a Snapple fun-fact for ya:  you may know Adam as the villain in last summer’s comedy-action film, “The Heat,” starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy! In this episode, Brad and Adam admit the dumbest things they’ve ever done, and share their favorite places to eat in both L.A. and Seattle. In the “Sexy Time” segment, they talk about mature breakups and the dynamics of dating someone in your profession. There is a lot of waz and shaz, and a few guest appearances by Danny Glover, Michael Caine, Jason Statham, Owen Wilson, Yosemite Sam, Tony Danza, and even Tony’s uncle, Danny Danza. Please subscribe to Cook’d and About Last Night on iTunes, and leave a 5 star rating and review! The code phrase this week to win a free t-shirt is “Waz and Shaz.” Type that somewhere in your review, and a free comedy shirt will be mailed to you! Lastly, here are a few links to comedy videos that were discussed during the episode:

Brad Williams Dances to Gangnam Style:

Adam Ray in “The Wine Guys”:

Kelsey Cook’s Singing Impressions:


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