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Missed a Deadline Because of Two Elephants

Missed a Deadline Because of Two Elephants

Haha… He tried to kill me

This week on Your First Time I missed an episode deadline. Due to time and show schedules, also I forget a lot of shit when I’m rushed, I didn’t bring my podcast stuff with me to record. I usually record on tuesday’s and release it on Wednesdays, but I this week has been a shit show. This tuesday I spent roughly two hours in my car heading to record a podcast episode for the show Elephant Crossing. The city closed a highway down, which jams up Seattle traffic and you just want to kill yourself and four retarded pigeons along the way. When I finally got to the Elephant Crossing studios (a garage with giant spiders and old Starbucks boxes stacked on top one another), Spenser O’Neill, Brian Reese and I proceeded to drink a case of Coors Light bottles and podcast for two hours. We talked about news stories, read scripts and played games. The Elephant Crossing podcast is no Your First Time but you can check out both part one and two of my appearance on the links below:




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