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“In Beyonce’s Name We Pray. Amen.” [Mitch Burrow]

“In Beyonce’s Name We Pray. Amen.” [Mitch Burrow]

Second time guest Mitch Burrow joins Kelsey for this special 50th EPISODE of Cook’d! In the “Who’s Gettin’ Cook’d?” segment, they discuss the recent creation of a church in Atlanta that worships our lord and savior, Beyonce! It somehow gets on a dirty sex tangent, but hey, why wouldn’t that happen on Cook’d? Mitch then shares the dumbest thing he’s ever done, which involves actually believing in Scientology. Enough said. In the “Breakdown” segment, Mitch gives us the secret location to the best pho spot in Seattle, and they talk about Kelsey’s journey to overcome food allergies. Finally in the “Sexy Time” segment, Mitch discusses his upcoming tour and his relationship plan during that time. Mitch also shares his most embarrassing sex story, which you don’t want to miss. Subscribe, rate and review on iTunes!

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