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[VIDEO] Doug Stanhope On Lame Celebrities

JR Berard

In a recent episode of BBC’s Weekly Wipe with Charlie Brooker, the news anchor speaks about the most recent antics of some of the United State’s most notable young celebrities. What I didn’t know until watching some clips on YouTube, comedian Doug Stanhope is featured on the program quite a lot commenting on American culture, and doing so correctly.

By making very relevant comparisons of modern celebrities and those of the 70’s and 80’s, as an audience we see that Justin Bieber peeing in a bucket and Classic rock bands smashing the entire floor of a hotel room don’t even begin to compare. A guy in my fraternity once got drunk and urinated into a laundry basket, he didn’t even need to be famous. The point is he was young, Justin Bieber is going to fuck up, that’s what people in their late teens and early twenties do. The difference is that most of us do it under the umbrella of “College” and people look the other way because they know we’re young and stupid. I’m happy fame has, for now, eluded me. I guarantee I would be labeled a ‘poor role model’ if the USA Today ever caught wind of me locking myself out of girls apartment and walking home in my underwear in two feet of snow, while blacked out.

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