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[Exclusive] Comedian Rebecca Corry Makes a Difference…For Pit Bulls

[Exclusive] Comedian Rebecca Corry Makes a Difference…For Pit Bulls
Jonas Barnes
If you’ve never seen comedian Rebecca Corry, you need to. And I mean soon. You’ll notice 2 things about her very quickly, aside from that fact that she is funny enough to make you piss a strangers pants: She hates everyone and she LOVES Pit Bulls.
Born in the grotesque Seattle suburb of Kent, Rebecca is a Pacific Northwest favorite that never ceases to sell out her shows when she arrives in the area. Rebecca is an accomplished stand up comic and actress. She performs regularly in her home town of LA on a show called “UnCabaret” along with touring the country, hating everyone and making them laugh all at the same time. She’s also one of my favorite people and one of the best comics I have personally ever worked with.
But more recently, Rebecca has been known for something a little more important to her than the laughter of strangers: The lives of her beloved Pit Bulls, or “Pibbles” as she affectionately refers to them. If you don’t know, Rebecca is the owner of an amazing rescue pibble named “Angel” that she saved from certain death. Her story is both heart wrenching and inspirational all at the same time. Rebecca has taken it upon herself to fight tooth and nail for her beloved Pibbles in many ways, every single day, when others will not due to unfair breed stereotypes and laws that restrict the breed for no reason. But she can’t do it herself, so she has done 2 things that allow YOU to help the cause.
The first one is a nationwide comedy show/fundraiser/adoption event known as “Stand Up For Pits” that blends stand-up, music and pit bull adoption among other things all in one. As a someone who has performed on one of these shows myself, I can tell you they are amazing to see and be a part of.
Then there is “The Pibble March”. Yes, on May 3rd, 2014 Rebecca will be traveling to Washington D.C. to lead “The One Million PIBBLE March On Washington D.C.” in an effort to give millions of voiceless Pibbles the voice they so desperately need. Rebecca has worked tirelessly to gather sponsors and donations for this unprecedented event. Rebecca believes the abuse and discrimination directed at Pit Bull Terriers is not just an animal problem. Rebecca believes it is all of our problem. She believes that we must stand together (regardless of whether you own a Pit Bull or even a dog) to put an end to abuse and discrimination. By doing so, we will create safe and humane communities for humans and pets. Below, I have listed a link that will allow YOU to donate to this amazing cause as well as the STAND UP FOR PITS Tour Schedule. If STAND UP FOR PITS comes to your city, go laugh and save these precious animals.
Stand Up For Pits Foundation:
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