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Brony On Demand

Brony On Demand
Disrupt the Illusion

Disrupt The Illusion wades into the deep waters of Bronies, wombats, youtube funerals, chicks with dicks, John’s rough morning and Paul getting caught red handed. The boys welcome fellow podcaster, writer and Austinite Dave Thomas the host of The Ruca and Dave Podcast and together they find the truth that runs through the tulips of absurdity.  Dave not only completed his Brony assignment but he took time to blog about his experience.


Stay tuned for a brand new show we created called “After The Illusion“, a looser more wheels off approach as the DTI boys delve deeper into the conversation and our first episode brings a stunning revelation.  Also coming this week is an interview I did with Jose Sarduy from Season 3 of Nuvo TV’s Stand Up and Deliver and James Berry a Bob and Tom Show regular and all comedian interviews will fall under “Disrupt The Road”.

Thanks to everyone for interacting and sharing the show with your friends and of course the love and the feedback, we are more than blessed. If you know someone who might like to get involved in our discussion shoot them the iTunes link and thank you for the donations and the merch love!

Make sure you guys take the time to check out the webstore on podaholics as well as the other shows on this site who are kicking ass week after week, definitely suggest The Hollingsworthless Podcast and Levine Large to start!

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