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Album Review: Ben Roy’s “No Enlightenment in Sobriety”

Album Review: Ben Roy’s “No Enlightenment in Sobriety”
Jonas Barnes

With Ben Roy’s second album, “No Enlightenment In Sobriety”, he immediately tackles a taboo subject such as sobriety and throws it on its ass. He doesn’t pander for sympathy and doesn’t ask for acceptance as much as he shits directly on himself for even being in the position to have to become sober. You’d think that would be a bad thing or that it would turn the audience against him. You’d be incorrect, because he knows how to make something that hard to swallow very, very fucking funny.

Soft and level headed are not words I would use to describe Ben Roys act. Pummeling, unrelenting and forceful like a sledgehammer to the face is more like it. If you are expecting to fire up this album and get a warm & fuzzy feeling, you need to turn around and go watch a comic that delivers their punchlines through the mouth of a puppet or with the accompaniment of a ukelele. He never whispers a joke softly into your ear as much as he rips your cranial cavity open and screams it directly into your soul.

Roy walks a very fine line between pure unadulterated hatred and very aggressive humor that makes you laugh at the uncomfortable parts of life. And he walks it successfully with the precision of a marine sniper. After eviscerating the pillow handed, coddling aspects of sobriety, he takes traditional social commentary and sets it on fire in hilarious fashion. Ben doesn’t give a shit who he offends because he can get away with it. He gets away with it by judging everything around him including himself. By not giving himself a pass, he achieves a level of likability that most comics full of his level of rage struggle with.

Ben Roy has come a long way in his life. He has kicked drugs & alcohol, lost a life saving amount of weight, married a hot woman, headlined all over the country and a shit load more. And guess what? Life is still a searing hot pile of humorous shit and he’ll make you laugh at that fact until you shit yourself in front of the date that you were going to try & fuck tonight.

Ben Roy bleeds emotion. He doesn’t bleed it like a paper cut as much as he bleeds it like an axe wound to the carotid artery that squirts hilariously onto every surface in the room. He is aggressive, smart, funny and holds absolutely zero back. If Sam Kinison could be reincarnated into a comic today, I feel like that comic would be Ben Roy.

Look for “No Enlightenment In Sobriety” on iTunes soon and see Ben Roy live anytime he comes to or near your town. If the show sells out (which is probable), you’re in luck, because if you stand anywhere within 2 mile radius of the show you’ll still be able to hear him from the stage.

Check him out, online at

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