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[VIDEO] New Seinfeld Interview, Confirms Reunion Project

Podaholics Staff

A few weeks ago we wrote about the AMA chat on Reddit with comedian Jerry Seinfeld where he talked about his new “big, huge, gigantic” project with Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

Well, Seinfeld just dropped some more gems on the “Boomer & Carton” show this morning, feeding us more info on what’s to come.

The interview turned into a “20 Questions” game, of sorts, and here’s what we’ve learned:

  • He says it’s not a commercial and it’s not an episode of Comedians in Cars Having Coffee. But then he said “it’s not, not one of those things.”
  • The project was filmed.
  • They shot in the ‘Diner,’ and there are other Seinfeld locations involved.
  • Other Seinfeld characters were involved. We know George and Jerry, for sure.
  • Larry David was involved.
  • Asked if it was short or long form, Seinfeld said ‘Short-ish’
  • It’s happening very soon.
  • It’s probably just a one-time thing.

Watch the video above to see the interview for yourself.

What do you think about the Seinfeld reunion?

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