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[VIDEO] ‘Devil Baby’ Takes Manhattan

Podaholics Staff

This has is one of the best live promotions for anything since all the “Truth” campaigns against smoking. For the upcoming Eli Roth film “Devil’s Due,” the viral group Thinkmodo decided to build a motorized stroller and an animatronic baby to wreak havoc on unsuspecting people in New York.

According to Yahoo, the NYC-based Thinkmodo is a viral marketing company that’s been garnering attention online for years now, you may remember them recently from a “Carrie” inspired prank where an actress appeared the destroy a coffee shop using telekinesis, which recently passed the 50 million view mark on YouTube. With what they’ve already accomplished, we at the Podaholics HQ are stoked for what horror movies inspire from the viral group in upcoming months- but please, nothing from Paranormal Activity… We’re done with that franchise.

“Devil’s Due” hits theaters Friday, January 17th.

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