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Seattle Radio Personality Pranks 49ers Fan

Seattle Radio Personality Pranks 49ers Fan
JR Berard

How do you piss off a 49ers fan with NFC Championship tickets? Tell them they can’t go to the game Sunday.

The internet exploded yesterday when radio personality and friend to the Podaholics Network, Jubal Flagg from 92.5 Movin’s “Brook and Jubal in the Morning” pulled a prank on an unsuspecting 49er’s fan, telling her that her tickets were going to be taken from her because of her team affiliation. The woman quickly loses her cool, even when Flagg said they could “refund her money.” You can listen to it here.

Flagg, who’s known for his ‘Phone Taps’ tells the irate woman, if he see’s here at the game he would take her 49ers jersey off of her, “throw it on the ground and take a big duecer” on it. To which the woman ever threatened to hang him by the jersey from the top of Century Link Stadium. You can check out Brook and Jubal in the Morning, Monday through Friday in Seattle, 6am to 10am on 92.5 Movin.