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Album Review: Chris Neff “Curse of the Drinking Class”

Album Review: Chris Neff “Curse of the Drinking Class”
JR Berard

“Curse of the Drinking Class” is a comedy album not for the easily offended. Luckily at Podaholics, we welcome comedy of all kinds, which is really just a fancy way of saying, “the dirtier the better.” Throughout his debut album, comedian Chris Neff shares, without shame, his thoughts on drugs, drinking, life around us and how ridiculous it can really be.

The album is superb for lovers of honest, dirty comedy. Taped at Liquid Laughs comedy club in Boise, Idaho – Neff delivers on all fronts what proves to be no-holds-barred material, just as should come from his drug and alcohol laden filter. He calls it like he sees it. Traveling around the country with four other comedians in a minivan Neff describes as a “fart locker that [could do] 90 miles an hour down the highway,” is one of many highlights of an album filled with insight and the rawness that comes with being a traveling comedian.

Even while delivering high caliber jokes to open, Neff catches a woman who tries to correct what the comedian says, which he fires back by going on a tangent about the grammar police. The crowd noise doesn’t quit until later on, he explains to a talker, “it’s hard being funny, isn’t it?” He never loses control of situation. Respect.

While talking about manscaping, he touches on the point that women say for a man, “it’ll make your junk look bigger,” which he counters by telling the audience women should also stop shaving because, “it makes their junk look bigger too,” which he claims is just as bad. Proving the moot point of the argument women often make.

I love a comedian that comes out swinging and setting the tone early. I don’t know if it’s that some people at live comedy shows don’t know how to correctly enjoy a show or they don’t know that comedians on stage can hear them when they speak. Comedian Chris Neff came to the stage ready to light the place on fire with his high energy personality and surly attitude. The material and his demeanor seem to welcome audience participation which the comedian is well equipped to handle.

Chris Neff comes across like the guy at the party you want to have a drink with, purely because his stories and wit are the best. And furthermore, if you keep pouring alcohol into his being, the darker, funnier stories inside of his brain will rise to the surface for your entertainment. And believe us, his album is worth your time.

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