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[VIDEO] ‘Finished’ Has Left Our Vocabulary

Podaholics Staff

If you weren’t privileged enough to have caught Bill Cosby’s latest special Far From Finished, last week on Comedy Central, you should punch yourself. The man stepped away from shooting stand up specials for more than 30 years and appeared to now have skipped a beat. Respect.

Cosby’s album Himself, still leaves me in tears and winded from laughing, Far From Finished delivered similar blows, with the same worldly approach – worded from the mind of a true genius. I loved the night of comedy it was a part of, Sarah Silverman’s latest We Are Miracles appeared on HBO later the same night, a night of which if you did not own a DVR you should have glued to a seat, partaking in the gift of laughter.

If you have not already, please check out both of these wonderful comedy special at your earliest convenience.


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