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[VIDEO] Michael Shannon is the Best Actor Working Today, Here’s Proof

JR Berard

People recognize the Michael Shannon from movies like Man of Steel in which he portrayed General Zod, better than we’ve seen any other actor attempt. Or The Ice Man as notorious mob hit man Richard Kuklinski, filling the role of a sociopathic killer/loving family man with depth and purpose. He’s been in many films and never fails to mesmerize me with his work, I really do respect what he does as an actor.

I came across this video on Funny or Die’s website. It shows Shannon reading the infamous ‘Delta Gamma Sorority President’s letter’ sent to the rest of her chapter. I was in a Fraternity in college and knew many sorority girls and am happy to report, this is not super common, but there are girls in college who speak to their respective chapters this way. It’s sad, funny and true all at the same time. There are actually other videos online of actors reading the same email, but none of which deliver the way this actor does. With poise,  and perfect diction, especially in the case of a phrase “cunt punt.” Check out the video!