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The Secret to a 16-Year-Long Marriage [Gabriel Rutledge]

The Secret to a 16-Year-Long Marriage [Gabriel Rutledge]

This Halloween, Kelsey is joined by Gabriel Rutledge of Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and Nickelodeon’s “Nick Mom’s Night Out!” With Gabe being a past winner of the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition, he gives Kelsey some wise advice as she prepares for this year’s competition. In the “Who’s Getting Cook’d?” segment, Kelsey and Gabe “cook” all things scary, such as Chris Brown, demented carnival ride operators, and lunatics who chose horrible Halloween costumes. For the “Breakdown” segment, they rank the top food served in comedy clubs across the country, including Liquid Laughs, Tacoma Comedy Club, The Parlor, and Laughs in Kirkland. Finally in the “Sexy Time” segment, Gabe shares his secrets to being happily married with kids for 16 years and counting, and tells us his “move” in his most embarrassing sex story! Make note guys: the “oopsie daisy” move plus a boatload of confidence will get you everywhere you want to go. Listen, share and subscribe on iTunes!

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