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[VIDEO] Sarah Silverman Releases Failed NBC Pilot

Podaholics Staff

As lovers of all things comedy, the Podaholics staff were very sad to hear that the Sarah Silverman pilot for NBC was not picked up by the network. Titled Susan 313, the show follows the overly optimistic Sarah moving back into her old apartment after yet another failed relationship. The episode also showcases the comedic talents of Harris Wittels (Parks and Recreation writer), June Diane Raphael (NTSF:SD:SUV) and revered stand up Tig Notaro.

Sarah was kind enough to post the pilot to her YouTube page. 20th Century Fox, who owns the show allowed her to show it to her true fans who have her back regardless. Silverman admits “they probably did the right thing,” about the network not picking it up.

Please check out the show, it may have failed for now, but in the age of the internet, almost anything is possible.

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