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[VIDEO] Name Your Price For a Bundle of 4 Comedy Albums, A Little More Gets You Patrice and Louis CK

Podaholics Staff

The pay-what-you-want charity site, Humble Bundle, has added their first-ever comedy bundle, and it’s a pretty amazing deal.

For the next two weeks, the site let’s you choose what you want to pay for a bundle of four comedy albums; Jim Norton’s Please Be Offended, Maria Bamford’s The Special Special Special, Hannibal Burress’ My Name is Hannibal, and Tig Notaro’s Live. You get to set the price, and how the money gets divided up.

If you pay more than the current average amount paid for the bundle (which is $8.71 as of this writing) you will also receive a special bonus of Louis C.K.’s Live at the Beacon Theater, Patrice O’Neal’s Mr.P, his latest album Unreleased, and never before seen animations set to his material.

If you bought each of these albums on their own, you’d pay well over $50. This is one of those once in a lifetime deals. And like I mentioned above, you get to decide how the money is split up. You choose how much goes to the artists, how much to charity, which charity, and if you want to leave any for Humble Bundle as a tip to help support their business. Pretty cool.

All the video and audio you purchase is DRM-free and ready to work on all your devices.

Go get your Humble Comedy Bundle now. Time is literally running out!

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