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[VIDEO] Mariah Carey Screeching on Good Morning America


Mariah Carey is often thought of as one of the greatest vocalists of our time, but in recent months, it looks like her powerful pipes might be reaching their expiration date. Though her performance on Good Morning America happened a couple of months ago, I couldn’t resist roasting her during the “Who’s Getting Cook’d?” segment of my show, “Cook’d.” In the first half of the video, you see the unedited version of her singing the end of her song #Beautiful which aired on the east coast. Watch as she tries to reach her whistling octave, and ends up sounding like she’s having a bizarre, banshee-like orgasm. In the second half of the video, you see the edited version that aired on the west coast, which makes her voice sound flawless. The best part of the video is watching the other singer, Miguel, stand up awkwardly to try and dance the situation off.

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