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Sam Kinison Biopic is Officially in the Works

Sam Kinison Biopic is Officially in the Works
Podaholics Staff

Almost four years ago there was talk of a Sam Kinison film being made based on the biography, “Brother Sam“, written by his brother Bill.

It has been confirmed that the new biopic is set to happen and is officially in the works.

Since 2010, studios and producers have been passing the story around trying to figure out how to tell his story, who to cast in it, and who to put it all together. After all this time, they’ve finally got it done.

Les Charles, best known as a writer on Seinfeld for its first five seasons and director of Borat and Religulous, has signed on to direct this film alongside legendary producer David Permut (whose resume is way too long to list, but does include 1979’s historical ‘Richard Pryor: Live in Concert‘).

The role of Sam has been cast and it may come as a bit of a shock. Josh Gad from ‘The Book of Mormon‘ and the short-lived ‘1600 Penn‘ will be taking on the heavy responsibility of playing one of the most prolific comedians of our time. This will obviously be quite a decisive issue between movie-goers, comedians, and Kinison fans. Can’t wait to see how that pans out.

The working title of the film is simply ‘Sam’ and will begin production soon.

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