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[VIDEO] 'Joe Rogan Questions Everything' Premiers July 24th on SYFY

We can’t wait for this.

Exploring extreme theories, mysteries, and bizarre beliefs has been a staple of comedian Joe Rogan’s bi-weekly podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, for years. Now he’s bringing the same kind of idea to the SYFY channel on his new show Joe Rogan Questions Everything, set to premier  July 24 at 10pm ET/PT.

In the series premiere, titled “Bigfoot Human Hybrid” (airing July 24), Joe’s lifelong quest to find Bigfoot sends him crashing through forests in the Pacific Northwest in search of the elusive creature. Joe follows the trail of evidence and finds strange new facts at every turn, speaking with eyewitnesses who claim to live with the Sasquatch and a former military man who can decipher strange audio recordings theorized to be Bigfoot.  If Bigfoot is part human, perhaps his human intellect is helping him evade detection.

The six episode season also sees Joe donning a HAZMAT suit while looking into killer man-made viruses, exploring the possibility of weaponized weather and learning how to psychically “remote view” while investigating the government’s “Project Stargate” program. Joe also examines the underbelly of the robot revolution and speaks with the masterminds behind merging man with machine.

You can watch the video at the top of the page for the :30 trailer of Joe Rogan Questions Everything.

Like I said, can’t wait.

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