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Remembering Duane Goad’s Father, Finding Source of His Comedy

Remembering Duane Goad’s Father, Finding Source of His Comedy
Sean McCann

Like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Duane Goad, host of the GoadCast, was unable to show up to a meeting the other day, emailing me “Unfortunately, I can’t make it, but can we meet Wednesday?” I said sure and that was that.

He hadn’t mentioned, because it’s Duane’s style, that he had lost his father, Jonathon Goad, three days earlier on July 11, 2013.

I happened to be on Facebook looking at stats, shares, blah blah blah, and went over to Duane’s page when I saw he posted something about his father. That’s when I found out what had occurred.

I have never met Duane’s dad, so I clicked on his name to check out his profile page to see what he was about. And, what I saw is the reason I am writing this article.

Mr. Goad, or Jonnie B. Goad as his Facebook profile reads, was a funny man.

As I scrolled down his page, you could get a true sense of what this man was about. Making people laugh. His status updates are funny; one-liner after funny one-liner.

It was really cool to see Duane’s dad was such a character and to discover how, I’m sure, he impacted his family’s life.

I’ll end with a string of Mr. Goad’s status updates:

“Disabled puppet looking for casual sex; no strings attached.”

“Got a couple of speakers in my living room that are as loud as shit!…The wife and the mother-in-law.”

“Went into Mor’s Furniture yesterday to buy a sofa…the salesman says; “here,have a chair.”…I said “No, I want a sofa!”

“I watched my first ‘Silent Movie’ last night….The neighbor didn’t come over.”

“In Sri Lanka I played with some of the biggest names in World Soccer.Warnakulasuriya Patebenbige Ushantha Chaminda Vaas.. To name one.”

“My New Year’s resolution was to lose 20lbs. by the middle of the Summer.I’ve only got 30lbs. to go.”

“We had a power failure last night…No TV,no internet,no video games ……nothing!!…..So I had to talk to the family for a few hours…..they seem like nice people!”

“The inventor of the Mouse has died. God?”

“I hate it when you yell ‘shotgun’ and the cops still throw you in the back.”

“If your waitress at the restaurant your at is a turd, calmly ask her: “Is the pretty girl off today?””

We know it’s one more Facebook page for you to like, but we’ll make it worth your while! New comedy content everyday!