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Can I Get a Lyft to my Grave?

Can I Get a Lyft to my Grave?

If you’ve noticed cars with a fuzzy, pink moustache attached to the front of it and wondered what kind of new hipster douchery that was, it turns out that it’s a new car service called Lyft. If regular cab rides don’t feel creepy enough for you, then Lyft is right up your alley. This new cab service allows anyone with a valid driver’s license, a clean background check, and a friendly attitude to throw one of these moustaches on their car and give people a ride. The rides are cheaper than a regular cab, but considering just about anyone can become a driver, you’re risking getting a ride to someone’s sex dungeon. One woman had a particularly horrible experience when her driver got her number and proceeded to become the world’s creepiest stalker:

Hear the breakdown of this story on the Cook’d show with Jay Hollingsworth!

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