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You Broke My Heart Alfredo (Alfred Carcieri)

Your First Time

Kane has two-time guest Alfred Carcieri on the program. In the green room at Tacoma Comedy Club, Kane and Alfred talk about the first movies they remember watching and their favorite movies. They talk about self professed “movie buffs,” growing up as bad kids and generational gaps. They get into their family lives growing up with fathers trying to discipline these hell raisers, and Kane’s first time owning a homeless cat. This weeks Trailer Review brings two new elements to the show; “Retro Trailer Review,” and “Remake Trailer Review.” Alfred presents Kane with old movies from the 70’s that Kane has not seen, they watch the trailer and Kane reviews the movie with the same rules as previous Trailer Reviews (Retro Trailer Review). Kane picks a movie that is a remake of an older movie, they watch both trailers, review the movie trailers separately, and decide which is the better movie(Remake Trailer Review).This weeks Retro and Remake Trailer Review: The Mechanic

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