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Kane’s Comedy Boo Cocky (Jonas Barnes and friends)

Your First Time

This episode, while at Meeker Days Festival in Puyallup, Kane sits with first timer Jonas Barnes to discuss the first time he broke the law and was arrested.  Shortly after Kane is joined by Jonas’s girlfriend and fellow comic Lauryn Pithey-Petrie, who has her own stories of breaking the law involving drug deals, chewy blunts, cops, blockbuster video and the courts.

Later Alfred Carcieri and Luke Severeid grace us with their presence and tell us their tales of drunk driving, cops and court dodging. Then they discuss their first and worst heckles during comedy shows. Later Kane talks about how the show went and how bad the heckling was. He also discusses seeing World War Z and if he was right during his Trailer Review. Which leads us into this weeks Trailer Review: The Wolf of Wall Street.

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