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Jim Breuer's New Special, June 7th

SNL and Half-Baked alum Jim Breuer is premiering his latest comedy special, “And Laughter For All”, on EPIX, tonight at 10pm ET.

Following the hour-long standup event, EPIX will also be broadcasting Breuer’s new documentary, “More Than Me.”


From his PR:

We met him as the brash young comic who took Saturday Night Live by storm, with his killer Joe Pesci impression and the bizarre brayings of an original character called “Goat Boy.” Now Jim Breuer is all grown up, raising three daughters in the Jersey ‘burbs – and this whole marriage-plus-fatherhood thing has made him more hilarious than ever. As an added bonus, Breuer prides himself these days on crafting family-friendly routines… so no need to wait for the kids (or Aunt Edith) to hit the hay before you watch.

Now. Here’s the rub:

EPIX, in case you’ve never heard of it like myself, is a TV channel with one major problem. I’m not really sure anyone gets it. It’s available on all television distribution platforms except Cablevision, DirecTV, and Time/Warner. I think that rules out just about everybody but Dish Network folks.

So, I guess most of us will just have to wait a little longer.


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