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It Just Came Off In My Mouth [Tyler Smith]

You can’t spell besties without IBS, and no one knows that better than Kelsey Cook and her IBS buddy and fellow comedian, Tyler Smith. In this second episode of Cook’d, Tyler talks about his unusual experience of trying out a naturopathic medical experience after a doctor was a dick to him. They roast the idiot of the week, “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis, after his sex tape was stolen and about to be leaked onto the internet.

Then, Kelsey and Tyler compare Seattle’s best Mexican food to determine a winner in this week’s “Breakdown” segment. Have a pen and paper ready to jot down the names of these restaurants–you’ll be hankerin’ for a margarita and tacos after hearing about these places!

In the epic final minutes of the show, Tyler doesn’t disappoint during the “Sexy Time” segment when he shares the most embarrassing, disgusting, scarring (emotionally AND physicaly) sex story of his life. Get ready to not feel aroused for a full month after hearing this one.

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