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Eugene Mirman’s Final 7 Days

Eugene Mirman’s Final 7 Days
Podaholics Staff

It’s not as serious as it sounds. But yeah, he’s only got six days… til his Kickstarter project ends.

Eugene Mirman, co-creator of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival started a 14-day project on the people-funding site a week ago to help fund their seventh annual event.

Mirman and Co has reached a point where they need more money but they don’t want to bring in corporate sponsors if they don’t have to.

“In the past, our festival has been funded by our ticket sales, a small gift from Sub Pop Records, and a few ads in our program,” writes Mirman on his Kickstarter page. “Each year the costs and time put in have grown and we toy with the idea of corporate sponsors to cover them, but mostly shy away from it.”

He’s pretty specific with what the money will be used for, too.

-Pay a living wage to the people who work really hard to make this event possible.

-Build a cardboard VIP room for festival attendees filled with bottles of Cognac, pillows and tasteful, 1960s pornography.

-Pay performers enough money to afford at least one very nice meal or a pair of shoes.

-Hopefully bring in special, surprise guests we otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to.

-Provide red caviar for the audience at some of the shows.

-Provide the opportunity for people to have their picture taken at the festival with a baby goat.

Pledges start at $5 and go up to $10,000, earning you anything from your name in the festival guide to a 10-second staring contest with Mirman at the Staring Contest Booth.

As of this writing he’s at 59 pledges, $2339, and needs $5000 to pledge in 7 more days.

Check out his Kickstarter here.


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