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Comedy, Bloggers, Rape Jokes and Women in Comedy…

Comedy, Bloggers, Rape Jokes and Women in Comedy…
Big Irish Jay

I read a Facebook post recently by Yannis Pappas that I thought was really well written and speaks on multiple “hot button” topics in the comedy community right now. I asked him if could repost it here, so with Yannis’ permission, here you go:

“I love how white suburban kids who move to NYC who aren’t funny enough to be professional comics, but who took a few english classes now can blog what’s really displaced anger over not being funny and tell us what is wrong with the comedy community that they are not good enough to be a part of. I don’t hear any of the many successful female comics complaining about it being a sexist community that supports violence towards women. Comedy is for the most part a meritocracy where if you are funny you will make it, one way or another. I am not saying there are not sexist assholes and politics and bullshit, if anyone knows me they know that I always make fun of that and have circumvented the system in my limited successes, but If you are a female and funny you will actually have more opportunities because there are less of you and there’s just more of a need for you.

Now lets review the comedy community at present:

The booker of the coveted Comedy Cellar is a WOMAN. The two execs in charge of putting comics into the Comedy Central system or what, BOTH WOMEN ANN and JOANNE. The person in charge of putting comics on a hit show in New York on Comedy Central is a WOMAN Amy Shumer who stars on that show and is one of the biggest comics in the country right now. The women on the west coast with the most power to put women on her hit show is a WOMAN, Chelsea Handler who is one of the biggest comedy stars in the country right now, the casting agent for Girl Code and Guy Code is a WOMAN Sachi the director was a WOMAN Laura, the biggest hit show on MTV is GIRL CODE, NIKKI and Sarah is their late night talk show BOTH WOMEN, the biggest hit comedy in the past few years was BRIDES MAIDS starring all WOMEN. The biggest hit comedy on the coveted HBO is GIRLS starring all GIRLS written, produced, directed and starring a WOMAN Lena Dunham. TIna Fey was the head writer at Saturday night live is a huge movie star and created and produced and starred in one of the biggest hits of the last decade Thirty Rock, she is a titan of comedy and she is a WOMAN, the daily show was created by a WOMAN, Lizz Winstead, the most popular day time talk show is THE VIEW starring all WOMEN with two FEMALE comics on it. The other most popular daytime talk show is ELLEN starring a WOMAN LESBIAN. One of the most powerful people in hollywood is RITA WILSON her production company with her husband Tom Hanks is behind some of the biggest hits. KAREN MANDABACH produced Rosanne, the Cosby Show and Thirty Rock to name a few and she is a WOMAN. WHITNEY CUMMINGS at one time just recently had three shows on TV AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. The creek and the cave is owned and run by a WOMAN who just directed the great Colin Quinns one man show REBECCA TRENT. I just met with comedy DIrector AMY HECKLERLING a WOMAN who directed some of the biggest smash hit comedies of all time. Where the fuck is all this sexism? if anything one can make an argument that comedy is the LEAST sexist community. There is sexism everywhere and comedy sure has some but as evinced by my heretofore mentioned examples, comedy could contain the least amount of sexism. This is NOT the 50’s nor even the 80’s when Rosanne Barr was an exception and Joan rivers was an exception, this is 2013 where women are killing it in Comedy. Let’s not forget Amy Pohler and the list could just go on and on. Oh also the woman who runs ALL of comedy in Norway is a WOMAN. I go there a lot. I can’t tell you how many meetings I have had with Female execs in comedy as well and one of my agents is a WOMAN. You are entitled to your opinion, but it is just opinion, how do i know, because there are women whom i know personally who have been raped and are female comics who do not agree therefore it is not objective truth just opinion and it happens to be wrong. Rape jokes lead to laughs or not laughs at that is it. THEY are words put together for laughs not to hurt, if they hurt that is not the intention, unless we are dealing with a person doing open MICS you are not a COMIC you are a shithead with a microphone unlikes Sam Morril who is a professional comedian who gets laughs a lot of them and gets money for them you dumb shits. This is as much a conversation about who is a comic and who is not. YOU ARE NOT A COMIC AND YOU ARE NOT WORKING IF YOU ARE A SHOW THAT DOES NOT PAY SO THE COMICS WHO LINDY WEST KNOWS ARE NOT COMICS AND NEITHER IS SHE AND THEY ARE NOT WORKING TOGETHER SO HER WHOLE PREMISE IS OFF. ALSO THE NORTON FANS SAYING DUMB SHIT ARE TROLLS THEY ARE THE SAME FOOLS WHO YELL NIGGER A LOT ON YOUTUBE COMMENTS UNDERNEATH VIDEOS.

The jokes that comics rib each other with is not a locker room atmosphere its a COMIC atmosphere. There are sexist assholes everywhere and some of them are in the comedy community but compared to all the other communities and institutions and organizations we are its probably contains amongst the least sexism. We are to be commended for progress and the attention should be on institutions of repression like the military, the catholic church and theocracies and the media where sexism, rape and violence towards women is an EPIDEMIC. There are been NO reported sexual assaults or rapes in the comedy community since VINCE CHAMP a squeaky clean comedian who worked clean and whose jokes would have been completely acceptable to the few open mic bloggers in question. It is easier to target the comedy community because we engage and acknowledge blogs, the military where rape is rampant doesn’t respond to critiques from frustrated white dreamers who fail as comics and now have to create a new dream position for themselves in the New York dream market instead of moving back to where ever they are from and getting a job at Panera Bread. As long as their parents keep fronting the rent, these ABSURD blogs will be there. YOUR OUTRAGE IS DISPLACED AND MISPLACED and also the show GIRLS is making fun of you and it is brilliant.

no love,

a self fucking made professional feminist comedian ask around.”


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