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[VIDEO] We’re Not Going To Lie About James Corden

April 15, 2015 |

He’s been killing as the new host of The Late Late Show. 

[VIDEO] Amy Schumer’s All About That Bass.. Er.. Ass

April 15, 2015 |

In an interview with Conan O’Brien last week Amy Schumer claimed 2015 is, “the year of the ass” due to …

[VIDEO] Michael Bolton Sweetly Serenades The IRS

April 13, 2015 |

From Last Week Tonight, John Oliver takes us on a humbling journey of some the inter-workings of the IRS and why …

[VIDEO] Comedy Central’s Going to “Another Period”

April 8, 2015 |

It’s like Teen Mom meets The Men That Build America. Thank you Comedy Central, I’m sure Another Period will be the next show on your …

[VIDEO] John Oliver Interviews Edward Snowden

April 6, 2015 |

The folks over at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver never fail to entertain and educate. In what I’d refer …

Patton Oswalt: The Twitter Defense of Trevor Noah

April 1, 2015 |

As I’m sure our readers already know, the next host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah has received multiple criticisms of …

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    [VIDEO] First Shit (A ‘First Kiss’ Parody)

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