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[VIDEO] Colbert Taped a 40-Minute Public Access Show

July 1, 2015 |

From Monroe, Michigan. Stephen Colbert taped a public access show on one of their local television stations. He’s even got …

[VIDEO] Chris Pratt Nails ‘Statham’ Impersonation

July 1, 2015 |

In a ‘cut for time’ sketch that didn’t broadcast, Jurassic World star Chris Pratt hammers out a great ‘Jason Statham’ …

[VIDEO] I Am Chris Farley

July 1, 2015 |

The documentary about the beloved comedian who died in 1997 — opens in theaters on July 31.

[VIDEO] John Oliver on Transgender Rights

June 29, 2015 |

John Oliver explains why we’ve still got miles to go in terms of how we, as a society, accept the …

[VIDEO] Jon Stewart Ditches Jokes for Charleston, S.C.

June 19, 2015 |

In one of the most moving displays of compassion and frustration, Jon Stewart blatantly admits to not writing jokes for …

[VIDEO] Carpool Karaoke with Iggy Azalea

June 19, 2015 |

The Late Late Show host James Corden nails it again with Ms. Azalea.

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    [VIDEO] Throwback Thursday: Patrice O’Neal

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  • [VIDEO] Ron Burgundy Will Host SportsCenter

    [VIDEO] Ron Burgundy Will Host SportsCenter

    2 years ago
    After 70 ads for the new Dodge Durango, Will Ferrell will be donning the Ron Burgundy Mustache for ESPN. The Wrap reports Ferrell will host SportsCenter on December 5th…
  • Cornbeef and Cabbage (Jimmy Shubert)

    Cornbeef and Cabbage (Jimmy Shubert)

    1 year ago
    Jay and Sub-Co-Host Lukas Seely sit down with comedy great, Jimmy Shubert. We talk about Jimmy's early years in comedy, having a career in comedy and being…
  • Liquidated Laughter

    Liquidated Laughter

    2 years ago
    On this episode Kane talks about the start of the football season his two big wins how to get your girlfriend into sports. He also talks about…
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